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Whether it’s in commercial premises or in your home, Marble can often have the most visual impact on its appearance. Years of foot traffic, transportation and weathering can fade what should be a centre piece to any room.

Here at Vita Stone we can bring new life back into your marble.

Vita Stone provides a comprehensive cleaning and restoration service that can remove all scratches and stains, rejuvenating its appearance.

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Limestone by its very nature is porous, so as well as being prone to scratching, it easily absorbs dirt and everyday material deep into the stone, which is why it’s vital that a thorough and intensive maintenance program is in place from installation.

Regular traffic, weathering and spillages often result in a yellow tinge to your limestone.

Vita Stone can restore your limestone surface back to its original state and help you devise a professional maintenance program to avoid the need for regular restoration.

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Terrazzo is typically used in commercials spaces ranging from hospitals to shopping centres but can be found absolutely anywhere from church’s to people’s home.

As with any other natural stone Vita Stone can undergo a variety of different cleaning and restoration methods from a gentle hone to a deep grind and high Gloss Finish.

The vita stone technicians can also carryout colour match repairs using both resin and concrete/ agglomerate , helping recreate parts of any floor that have been chipped, cracked and or damaged.

In addition we can supply and fit bespoke terrazzo tiles, skirting and other installations.

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Travertine is a form of limestone, deposited by mineral springs, which has small holes throughout caused by water flowing through the stone.

Due its naturally porous properties, Travertine is susceptible to scratching and wear and tear. The stone’s natural holes also often appear through the surface where dirt collects Vita Stone can carry out colour-matched repairs to ensure any holes that have appeared are filled. The floor can then be restored to a finish of your choosing.

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Granite’s extreme density and low porosity makes it a perfect choice for areas that require low maintenance. However poor installation and incorrect maintenance can result in colour inconsistencies and staining.

Vita stone can carry out various methods of restoration to your granite floor to produce a finish of your choosing.

Whether it’s a crack, repair or a final polish we can help.

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Most sandstone is composed of quartz and/or feldspar because these are the most common minerals in the Earth’s crust. Like sand, sandstone may be any colour but the most common colours are tan, brown, yellow, red, grey, pink, white and black.

Some sandstone are resistant to weathering, yet are easy to work. This makes sandstone a common building and paving material.

So Whether it’s an Indian Stone in your patio area or a York Stone in your kitchen, Vita Stone guarantees to apply the right type of cleaning and restorative action to breathe life back in to your sandstone floor.

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